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The Importance of Preventive Maintenance of Garage Door

Whether through a control, sensor in the car or password or biometrics device, it is possible to activate the garage door to open it, allowing the vehicle to pass, and then closing, without anyone having to leave your car.

Thus, the door structure must be reinforced and the pivots must contain bearings. Because of this, this type of door is less suitable for condominiums, since the constant opening and closing cause greater wear.

Call us for the garage door installation of the most favorable garage door according to your requirements.

The sliding garage door is considered by the experts as the most economical equipment and that gives less problems to the condominium. Even so, it needs constant preventive garage door repair San Francisco – like the other types – and its use must be in accordance with the door specifications.

As for linear frequency devices, in case of loss or theft, the specific trigger can be excluded from the system, thus preventing thieves from entering the condominium after the loss or theft.

Conventional Type 4 -3-3 radio frequency systems, the old controls, are increasingly falling out of favor as they are more susceptible to external attacks: they are easier to clone and often when a trigger is lost or stolen, all other residents need to change or reschedule their own, thus creating discomfort for the condo.

If a joint owner loses control, the other flat owners must be notified immediately. In the case of older drives, it is ideal that all be replaced. The cost of garage door replacement San Rafael depends on what is agreed in each condo.

The latest garage door models also allow you to have greater time control, know who entered or left at a certain time, and free entry and / or exit of vehicles at pre-arranged times.

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